Alexander Hawthorn (lord_hawthorn) wrote in nobynightooc,
Alexander Hawthorn

a question

dearest pandora, have you gotten my e-mail? I would try asking on aim but our times are so oposite as of now. if you didn't I can resend. I am intrested verry much, and would like to try out an original character, I hope hes within reason and if not I can change anything nessesarry. thank you.

the old armand.
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OH! Yes, I'm sorry, I just got very busy, and since I'm not chosing alone.. I'm supposed to show it to our Marius but i hardly saw her online. so yeah :-\ Tonight, or tomorrow, I promise you'll have your answer.
ok good. I figured as much. just wanted to check up ^^ and if there are any problems I can change stuff.